Again,  any notice from the IRS should never be ignored. They will not go away. You have a finite period to respond to the notices. Failing to respond to an IRS notices can and will lead to bad thing happening.

So what if you do get an IRS audit notice? There is no need to panic. Bring the notice to us at J. B. Moore Tax Resolution Service, and we will review with you what exactly the IRS wants. We will lay out a specific plan on how best to deal with the issue at hand. At J. B. Moore Tax Resolution Service, the initial  one hour consultation is free.

Here are some of the IRS selection criteria that may put you at higher risk.

  • Under reporting your income.

  • A very high dollar amount for a single tax deduction.
  • The size of your deduction in relation to your income.
  • As your income increases, so do your chances of an audit.  Tax payers earning $100,000 or more are far more likely to be audited than taxpayers earning less.
  • The type of deduction should fit your circumstances. The IRS doesn’t expect a farmer to have high entertainment expenses, or a truck driver to have high office expenses.
  • If you have a complex return and prepare it yourself, you have a higher risk of audit than if the return is signed by a professional tax preparer.
  • Self-employed individuals are audited more frequently than employed individuals earning the same income.
  • Itemized deductions are audited twice as often as the standard deduction.
  • Tax Protests. If you write on your return that you are protesting the filing because of a number of common protests, your are pretty much guaranteed an audit.

What Can I Do If I Get An Audit Notice

Will I Be Audited


IRS audits are up and the IRS Commissioner has promised Congress he will continue to increase enforcement.    Over the last several years, there has been a steady increase in the number of audits being conducted by the IRS. Now, with our country’s debt situation, the increases are likely to intensify in the future.  While your chances of being audited are still quite small, enforcement is the cornerstone of every commissioner’s administration.  The number of Levies issued has also surged, and the Non-Filer Division is receiving increased funding and manpower in an effort to close the enormous tax gap (the difference between reported taxable income and unreported income).

IRS Audits