My testimony of JB Moore Tax Resolution with the IRS
It took me to the 3rd notice to realize that the letter from the IRS was for real. It said I owed $65,000 in taxes on my previous year. There was NO WAY I owed that much money!! I have my taxes done professionally, I thought I was safe from this kind of error.

I contacted Jeff and showed him the letters and tax filings. He decided he need to see all of the documents for that filing to see where the error occurred. He went through those documents with a fine-tooth comb and caught the error produced on one of my bank statements!

Jeff went into action with the IRS (as the bank has no culpability) and he was like a dog with a bone! IRS dragged there heals, chose to ignore his contact, passed my file from auditor to auditor having him repeat and explain the situation countless times; this issue was drawn out for over two years because the IRS didn’t want to change the way they conduct business. All the while penalties and interest were accruing. Jeff kept going up the ladder until he finally got their attention and finally the issue was resolved. TALK ABOUT TAX CONFLICT AND RESOLUTION.  The IRS abated all penalties and interest with a corrected tax filing, and I paid what I truly owed on a single capitol-gain.

Jeff’s expertise and doggedness was paid back to me two-fold. I believe his background from law enforcement really is added benefit as an Enrolled Agent. The dedication to finding issues and correcting the problem is a specialty I have not seen from other tax professionals.

Jeff now does my taxes annually; I do not live in AZ and he handles both my state and federal taxes with ease. I am indebted to his expertise and knowledge.

All I can share with anyone listening is don’t wonder what to do, call Jeff and start working with him, you will never regret that decision.